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Brittania Industries 2009 Inc. is an Alberta based fabrication company that specializes in the packaging of Natural Gas Compression, separator and dryer packages as well as various size tanks and artificial lift equipment.

We offer a wide variety of packages for sale, rental and lease. With our in house applications team and 3D drafting capabilities, we can provide the end user a reliable, operator friendly, cost effective, low maintenance package.

Certified Facility

Brittania packages meet all required codes and regulations that are necessary by today's standards.

We are an ABSA B31.3 certified facility that has a thorough QC Program (AQP-2728) and are committed to safety through our COR program. Brittania is also registered with ISNetworld and Comply Works.


Brittania Industries 2009 Inc.
Brittania Industries 2009 Inc.
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Natural Gas Boosters
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30HP Booster
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Air & Gas Drying
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